The Liver

Overview of the Human Liver

The liver is the second largest organ (second after the skin), and is a vital organ (essential for living). The liver plays a vital role in regulating life processes. Before birth, it is the main blood forming organ in the body. Now, the liver's role is to detoxify everything that enters the blood stream. It has a very important (and tough) job to do! Your liver relies on you to take care of it.. so it can in turn, take care of you.  In the following sections we will explore the various attributes and functions of this fascinating organ.

About the Liver. Find information here about the liver: what it looks like, where it is is located, what it does, how it works with the blood, how it processes nutrients and toxins, what makes it special, whether or not liver regeneration has limits, and some interesting facts about the liver in history.

Liver Functions. Discover information about the important roles that the liver plays in the body. Find out why the liver can be called the chemical power-plant,  a silent-sufferer, and your best friend.

Toxin Awareness. In this section find information about the various toxins that can harm the liver including alcohol, drugs, medication, vitamins and minerals, environmental pollutants, and artificial ingredients in food. Because the liver processes everything that enters the bloodstream, some things or environments that are toxic to the liver may surprise you.

Symptoms of Liver Disease. Find information here about symptoms associated with liver disease. Symptoms will partly depend on the type and severity of the present liver disease or problem. In many cases there may be no symptoms.