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Find a recipe for any meal that promises to taste great.. without all the bad stuff that can make the liver work overtime.

We have compiled a collection of recipes that include ingredients proven to help the liver in the natural detoxification process. Additionally, we have also collected some all-time favorites with healthier ingredient substitutions.

Eating a well balanced diet (along with regular exercise and avoiding toxins) is one of the best ways we can take care of ourselves. The liver has the tough task of processing all toxins that enter the body. Certain ingredients in food strain the liver, namely artificial ingredients. Sometimes when people think of eating a balanced diet images of bland, flavorless, unexciting foods begin circling their mind. On the contrary, spices such as turmeric and cayenne plus flavorful cooking staples such as garlic and onions are excellent for the liver and the liver detoxification process.

It's good to remember that some very common ingredients should be used only sparingly. Salt/sodium and refined sugars are some of the two biggest culprits in making an otherwise healthy dish harmful to the liver. Many people find that using cracked black pepper, lemon juice, and other spices and herbs make delicious salt alternatives. Natural sweeteners such as agave and honey are easier on the liver but should still be used sparingly.

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