Cream of Celery Soup

Cream of celery soup is a delicious low-calorie soup that's packed full of nutrients and amazing flavor.

Spinach and White Bean Salad with Sun-Dried-Tomato Vinaigrette

Spinach and white bean salad with sun-dried-tomato vinaigrette is a deliciously healthy summer salad. Serve up a bowl of fresh and say yes to loving your liver.

Vegetarian Chili with Quinoa

This delicious and nutritious vegetarian chili with quinoa recipe is packed with amazing flavor and great-for-you-benefits.

Tortilla Tilapia Soup

Oh so tasty, tortilla tilapia soup made with only the freshest ingredients is a warm bowl of liver-loving goodness. Be sure to use unsalted tortilla chips to keep this dish healthy.

Cauliflower Potato Soup

As a cruciferous vegetable, cauliflower is known to help the liver process toxins. This creamy cauliflower potato soup is a flavorful bowl-full of liver love.

Beet Clementine Salad with Walnuts

It's the beet generation! This beet clementine salad is chocked full of fresh, far out flavors, and nutrients to the max!